Life: A butterfly’s journey.

Aim at the sky Reach out for the sun Break off the shell Fly out of the cocoon Adapt to survive, or you can bow Said many, yet none taught how? Journey to a butterfly was a steep curve, He did not know. The path he walked long through, demanded him to run, hop and …

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made via haikuJam app The purpose of words is Depict true values That change perspective to choices 'Perspective' by Yogendra, Tazyeen & Anubhav Made in the HaikuJAM app

Short Story-Pilot

“So this tech of you is supposed to prepare a theory of everything that happened on earth ever since humans existed, Is this what you are saying?” asked Shaina. “In a way, that’s what I assume it to do” gasped Sam adjusting his glasses. “What he intend to say is that this tech is based …

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Just Friends?

'This ain't working, let's stay JUST FRIENDS? Shall we?' she said. A shiver ran down his spine carrying the message through his heart. 'Is that even possible? Can I get over her.' replied the heart before it crumbled into a thousand pieces. And then the smiling and teary eyed face hid the pain, before they …

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Let’s go home

To all the folks going  home this diwali.  ​ Bags packed, forget all the pain Hurry up lets catch the train. It's been a long day Yet there is no chance to stay No more trouble no more reason to roam For here comes the time, let us just go home. No college, no more …

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Facebook bumped.

​Life has a funny way of landing people in your life! A bump, a chat, an eye contact in a crowd, or maybe just a Facebook request. It's quite amusing if we just take a minute out of our lives and try and remember how we met that particular person, I am sure everyone will …

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Scars of Mind

​Right since childhood, I always feared  Of wounds and injuries, that might just stay  Dreaded every scratch  For it may leave a scar behind  After every detriment, after every affliction I was taught to grow strong. It was much later that i realized, My conception was utterly wrong For the physical scar may or maynot …

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